Thinking About Becoming A Personal Trainer?

So you're thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer...


I get it. You love working out, you've made great progress yourself, and others are always asking you fitness and nutrition advice. Why not make money doing it?!


A great article I recently read lays out some of the unmentionables about being a Personal Trainer that as a 12 year vetern in the industry, I found to be funny and amazingly accurately. 


That said, there are many great reasons to become a Personal Trainer, and the positives far outway the negatives. So if you're looking to acquire your PT certification, but not sure which you should go with, here is my suggestion.


The Most Known Personal Training Certifications


ACE, NASM, NSCA, ACSM, and CSCS are the most recognized certifications across the U.S. and will be accepted by just about any gym. If you choose to become a strength and conditioning coach, I would highly suggest looking at an ideal Big 10 college job description and following their (specific) criteria as each college or sports team requires certain certifications, and ACE will most likely not qualify. 


If you are thinking about going into Physical Therapy, many well known sports therapy owners (in Maryland) suggest they like to see CSCS as part of the trainers' resume, and that it transitions nicely into day to day work. 


Personally, I have ACE, and didn't think it was a difficult test, especially taking it right at the end of college, as an Exercise Science major and has served me more than effectively. One more bit of food for thought, as a non-collegiate strength trainer, outside of initial hire, I've never been asked which certification I have by any of my clients, not even the celebrities. Most, if not all prospects come from watching you in the gym, the energy you project and current client referrals. 


Good luck, and remember to make it about the client, not you.