About Todd

Born and raised in Baltimore, Todd grew up with very little nutritional knowledge, eating mainly processed and fast foods, making him an overweight child and adolescent. Heading into high school, he was tired of leading an unhealthy lifestyle and began working out and monitoring what he ate. He educated himself on health and fitness and made it his goal to undo those years of unhealthy eating and lifestyle. Once he started seeing the results-feeling better both internally and externally-he realized fitness would play a strong role in the rest his life. Todd now shares his passion, knowledge and dedication with others, making it his goal to educate and motivate those who have similar food and fitness struggles to what he went through.

Todd began his career over 13 years ago receiving a Bachelors of Science Degree in Exercise Science at Salisbury University. Todd then went on to receive his Personal Training certification through American Council of Exercise (ACE), and has recorded thousands of hours in continuing education classes and certifications, specializing in holistic nutrition, pre/post natal, corrective exercise, and more. Using these certifications and gained training knowledge over the years, Todd leads his clients through customized training sessions and total "life resets," obtaining maximum results in the shortest period of time.

Because he has been through the weight and food struggle himself, Todd shares a special bond with his clients and now offers a 30 day Life Reset, where he reworks clients’ entire nutrition and exercise plans to achieve their goals of better health, fitness, and wellness.  The results have been astounding and rewarding, both for the clients and for Todd- from those who lose 30 lbs in one month, to those who are suddenly able to run that marathon that’s been on their bucket list for years.

Todd and his team offer a supportive approach to fitness and nutrition, coaching and training clients on proper healthy habits and fitness routines customized for each clients goals, featuring personal training, group training, Life and Wedding Resets, even private cooking classes at his 3-acre farmette, using fresh ingredients from his garden.