Our Team


TOdd & Liz Bauer - Owners

Todd and his wife Liz purchased the farmette with their dream in mind, to show clients what health looks like day in and day out. A retreat from the every day hustle and bustle of life's daily grind. Together, they handle everything from letting out the chickens just after sunrise to closing the doors to the gym after the last evening session. These two handle all things farm, kitchen, and training.


Kayla toole - Lead Trainer

Coming out of our internship program, Kayla is our newest trainer on site. Although you would never know it given her kick butt ability and hardcore work ethic. Kayla brings ever lasting positivity and energy to each and every session. 

Kenny D.jpg

Kenny Doss - Graphic Designer

From the time Todd started on his entrepreneur journey in Baltimore City, Kenny, a college friend of Todd's, literally built Todd's brand over night and has been the backbone for all graphic elements you see today. Get in touch with Kenny here >>>


Julie Hove Andersen - Photographer

Originally a client, Julie has become an essential part of our farmette team by translating the energy the farmette cherishes into beautiful photography. Check out more of Julie's work >>>

Matt B.jpg

Matt Brown - Videographer

All things video and audio are handled by close family friend, Matt Brown. Matt has built a career out of his natural talent of videography. Any video that winds up in your inbox or on our website, Matt has molded to perfection. Learn more about Matt's company >>>